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3. The Second Party shall be responsible for short listing of qualified candidates in conformity with the First Party's requirements notified under clause 2 above. The Second Party should notify the First Party of such short listed qualified candidates who are ready for final interview and selection. The First Party has the right to either send his representative or give the Second Party the right to select process and send such qualified workers at the Second Party's full guarantee.

4. The Second Party at his own expenses arranges and is responsible for all processing requirements including medical examination, government permits, passports, visa stamping and other official requirements, which are necessary for the employment of the selected workers in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

5. The Second Party in consideration of this agreement agrees to indemnify and keep harmless on the First Party, his directors, employees and agents against all costs charges, expenses and losses they may suffer as a result of or arising out of the Second Party's failure negligence his obligations as per this agreement and or i.e. Second Party's failure negligence in complying with all of the applicable laws and regulations in relation to the selected workers for overseas employment.

6. AGENCY FEES: The Second Party shall not pay any charges or recruitment fees. The First Party should pay the air ticket for the return journey after the completion of the original contractor’s period.

7. The Second Party should clearly inform the candidate about the (1). The salary is being Paid by the First Party. (2) Deduction such as iqama, etc, in case any candidates arrives without correct information and create any problem to the First Party, the candidates will be returned back to the country or origin and charges for the same with penalty will be deducted from the Second Party's security amount available with us.

8. The Second Party shall have the right to sign other similar agreements with other recruiting agents in Pakistan during the validity of this agreement with the notification to the First Party.